CNC Workshop

CNC Workshop Machining for manufacturing, metal aluminium and plastics Adelaide

CNC Workshop Machining Capacities:


  • CNC turning up to 800 in diameter and lengths to 4 meters. 4 machines of various sizes.
  • CNC machining centres. 3 vertical machines
  • CNC machining bed mills to 3 metres
  • Manual turning capacities to 1.5 mts in diameter Max between centres
  • Manual milling capacities turret milling
  • Floor Borer Horizontal and Vertical spindle
  • with X axis 6.5 mts Y axis 1.5 mts and Z axis 1 .8 mts
  • Heavy drilling and deep hole drilling capabilities
  • Electro discharge machining (EDM)
  • and most general machining processes

Finishing processes in the CNC Workshop include:

  • Galvanizing, painting and powder coating
  • Machining in all engineering plastics and composites
  • CNC and manual machining processes from one to any quantity you require


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